Ranbir Johal

BA (UBC), B.Ed. (UBC), MA (UBC), PhD (UBC)

Areas of specialization
Punjabi Language Education for Heritage and Nonnative Speakers, Punjabi Language Education Resource Development, Punjabi Literature, Representation of Gender in Punjabi Oral Traditions
Areas of research interest 
Punjabi Theatre, Technology in Language Education, Oral Traditions

Courses taught

  • ASIA 1111 The Religions of India
  • ASIA/ANTH 3130: Sikh Culture, Religion and Society
  • ASIA 3255: Gender in South Asia
  • ASIA 4499 Selected Topics in Asian Studies: Glimpse into the Punjabi
  • LANC/ASIA 3860: South Asian Folklore
  • LANC/ASIA 3870: Bhangra Movements and Identity
  • PUNJ 1100: Introductory Punjabi I
  • PUNJ 1101: Introductory Punjabi II
  • PUNJ 2200: Intermediate Punjabi I
  • PUNJ 2201: Intermediate Punjabi II
  • PUNJ 3300: Upper Intermediate Punjabi I
  • PUNJ 3301: Upper Intermediate Punjabi II