Brandt, Michael


Michael Brandt, BA, MA, PhD (cand).

Research Interests:

  • The commercial sex industry in general, and male prostitution in particular
  • Hate Crimes (sexual orientation)
  • Homophobia
  • Drugs and the criminal justice system
  • Constructions of crime/criminals, deviance/deviant identities, and social control
  • Critical and post-structuralist theories
  • Qualitative research methods

My research background includes historical and contemporary analyses of drugs and drug users, the effects of the criminalization process on those involved with drugs, as well as strategies for reducing the harms associated with drug abuse. One of the outcomes of this research was a position paper I authored for DEYAS (Downtown East-side Youth Activities Society).

Current and Pending Projects: Currently, I am conducting research with males who work as prostitutes. The aims of the research include an exploration of the meanings males involved in prostitution attach to their work, how these are mediated by socioeconomic status, age, gender, race/ethnicity, drug (ab)use, sexual orientation (perceived or actual) and homophobia. A key goal of this research is to give meaningful ‘voice’ to those historically marginalized and/or pathologized by traditional/orthodox criminological theory. I would be very interested in working with students whose research projects explore any of the above listed areas of interest.