Alicia Horton

BA (Hon 1st) (SFU), MA (Queen’s), PhD (Queen’s)

Courses taught

  • CRIM 1100 Introduction to Criminology
  • CRIM 1208 Methods of Research in Criminology
  • CRIM 2331 Sociological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
  • CRIM 3111 Contemporary Sociological Criminology
  • SOCI 1125 Introduction to Society: Processes and Structures

Areas of Interest

My research interests include prison violence, prison culture, bodies, and popular culture. Theoretical and methodological areas of expertise include social constructionist theory, social problems work, masculinities and gender theories, qualitative interviewing, and fieldwork.

Scholarly Work

  • Under review with co-author Michael Young (second author). Connecting Criminology: People, Places and Processes. Under review at Cambridge.
  • Horton, A. (2017). Chapter 7: Contested Communities: Nathaniel Geary’s On the Corner and the Social Construction of Deviant Places. In Screening Justice: Canadian Crime Films, Culture and Society by Kohm, Bookman & Greenhill (Eds.).
  • Horton, A. (2018). Body Modification Frames & Claims. Routledge Handbook of Deviance (First Edition) Steven Brown and Ophir Sefiha (Eds).
  • Horton, A. D. (2013). Flesh Hook Pulling: Motivations and Meaning-Making from the “Body Side” of Life. Deviant Behavior, 34(2), 115-134.
  • Co-Founder of the Prison Education Network (PEN) established 2021.