Carroll Boydell

BA (Hons) (UBC), MA (SFU), PhD (SFU)
Carroll Boydell
Surrey Office: Surrey Main 3881-6
Surrey Campus: 604.599.3416
Richmond Office: Richmond 2345
Richmond Campus: 604.599.2666
Langley Office: Langley 2055
Langley Campus: 604.599.3364

Courses taught

  • ARTS 1100 Experiencing the Arts
  • CRIM 1100 Introduction to Criminology
  • CRIM 1208 Research Methods in Criminology
  • CRIM 2330 Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
  • CRIM 3512 Mental Disorder and Canadian Law
  • CRIM 4900 Special Topics

Areas of Interest

Topics of interest in my research: whistleblowers, jailhouse informants, lie detection, cognition and memory in legal contexts, crime prevention.

My research interests lie at the intersection of psychology and law. To put it simply, I study what people believe and how they act within the criminal justice system, as well as the consequences of those beliefs and actions.