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Transfer Students - Entertainment Arts

Information about entertainment arts moving to KPU

The Centre for Entertainment Arts (CEA) has reached an agreement to work with Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) on the provision of arts entertainment programs. All current and admitted students studying entertainment arts at Langara College will be able to transfer to KPU seamlessly.

Langara College will not be continuing CEA-related entertainment arts programs after the end of the current semester. Please read this webpage carefully as it contains important information about the change, what it means for you and what you need to do now.

Next steps to apply to KPU?

At KPU, we're dedicated to helping you turn your passion for the entertainment arts into your profession. We're working with the team at the CEA to ensure you receive the same advanced education and hands-on learning opportunities you've come to expect from your programs at Langara.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Complete and return the disclosure of information form to Olivia Kong at at the earliest opportunity. This form allows Langara to transfer your relevant student records to KPU. If you have not yet received the form, please contact CEA.

Step 2: Apply to KPU between February 14 and March 6, 2022. Completing this application will confirm your intent to join KPU. To apply, visit

Langara Program Name KPU Program Name
Foundation in Entertainment Arts Foundation in Entertainment Arts
Advanced 3D Animation Advanced 3D Animation and 3D Modelling
Advanced Visual Effects VFX Advanced VFX (Virtual Production)
Advanced Game Design* Advanced Game Development
Advanced Game Technology* Advanced Game Development

*Please note the Advanced Game Development program formalizes the merger of the Advanced Game Design and Advanced Game Technology programs that began at Langara

Visit the entertainment arts pages of the university calendar for program details.

Current students will gain credit for your prior learning completed at Langara through KPU’s prior learning assessment and recognition process. This credit will apply towards the completion of a KPU credential in the entertainment arts program to which you are admitted.

Step 3: International students will need to let Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) know you've changed your designated learning institution before you start at KPU. Visit change your post-secondary school in your account and follow the instructions to update your information. KPU International will reach out to collect a copy of your study permits later.

Please note: No transfer can be fully processed nor funds transferred between Langara and KPU until you have completed steps 1 and 2.

We're excited for you to begin your journey in the entertainment arts at KPU. If you have questions or need assistance transferring to KPU, please contact:

Questions & Answers

Where will the KPU programs be offered?

Entertainment arts programs will be offered in dedicated computer labs at KPU's Richmond Campus. Located in the heart of Richmond, the campus is a short walk from Lansdowne Canada Line station and several major bus routes, including the 301, 405, 407, 410 and 430. There is ample paid parking space at the campus, with permit parking, and visitor and daily parking options available.

What are the tuition fees at KPU?

For students admitted to Langara, KPU has committed to provide a financial award to keep the amount you would have paid in tuition and fees at Langara at the same rate through to the completion of your studies.

What happens to funds deposited with Langara?

When you confirm your transfer to KPU, tuition paid to Langara and credits on account will be honoured by KPU and your deposits with Langara will be transferred to your account at KPU. You will be responsible for paying any remaining balance after KPU's financial award and your deposits have been applied to your tuition and fees.

Are the programs offered at KPU the same length as the programs that I started at Langara?

Yes, the program lengths at KPU are the same as the programs you stared at Langara. KPU's Entertainment Arts program information can be found in the university calendar.

Do I need to resubmit my transcripts and English testing scores?

Returning the disclosure of information form to Olivia Kong at as soon as possible will allow Langara to transfer your relevant student and admission records to KPU.

What should I expect after I apply?

Once you have applied, you will receive an email with your KPU student number, KPU student email account and log in information. If you completed the disclosure of information form, KPU will be able to work with Langara to ensure your admission records are transferred to KPU. Once we have this information from Langara, we will send you your admission letter.

When will I receive an admission letter from KPU?

Students transferring from Langara who apply to KPU can expect to receive an admission letter within a few of days of KPU receiving admission records from Langara.

I'm currently in a CEA program at Langara. Can I apply to the September intake?

KPU is working to support continuity in learning to current CEA Langara students for a May start. For the best transition to KPU, we are asking all Langara CEA students to apply to KPU for the May intake and to ensure the disclosure of information form is submitted to Langara as soon as possible.

I was admitted to one of Langara's CEA programs, but I have not started classes as I am waiting for my study permit approval. What should I do if I do not have a study permit by May semester?

Students are not permitted by IRCC to begin studies in Canada without a study permit. If you do not have an approved study permit by the beginning of May, please reach out to to discuss your options.

Will my deposit and funds already paid be refunded if IRCC denies my study permit application?

If IRCC denies your study permit application, you need to complete the following steps by May 8, 2022:

  • Drop all classes you are registered in through the Registration application by May 8, 2022.
  • Email using your KPU email account. Include your 9-digit KPU Student ID number in the subject line within 4 weeks of the start of the semester to discuss the options available for you.

If IRCC denies your study permit application after the term has begun on May 9, 2022, KPU's standard FM8 Student Tuition and Fees >policy and >procedures apply; you will be responsible for paying for any amount owing on your account.

What will happen to the tuition fees that I paid to Langara?

When you confirm your transfer to KPU, tuition paid to Langara and credits on account will be honoured by KPU and your deposits with Langara will be transferred to your account at KPU. You will be responsible for paying any remaining balance after KPU's financial award and your deposits have been applied to your tuition and fees.

Will the classes require in-person attendance in May?

Most classes will be scheduled as in-person on KPU's Richmond campus with some online components if deemed suitable by KPU. You are required to be in Canada before the start of the semester.

What courses are available at KPU? How can I find the timetable for May?

KPU is working on the class schedule and more information will be made available to you soon. Courses will be posted in the online timetable.

How can I change my designated learning institution (DLI) on study permits? When should I do that?

Please sign in to your MyCIC account and follow the instructions to change your school. You should update the KPU DLI as soon as you receive the Letter of Acceptance.

I have not received approval of my study permit extension application. Should I notify IRCC of this change?

If you have applied for study permit extension before the current study permit expiry date, you are under “maintained status” and are able to continue with your studies. Once you receive your new study permit, please sign in to your MyCIC account to update your KPU DLI number.

After transferring to KPU, will I still be eligible for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP)?

Yes. KPU's entertainment arts programs are PGWP-eligible. International students are required to meet all criteria listed on the IRCC website to be eligible for PGWP. Please visit their website for details.

Does KPU provide students with medical insurance?

Yes, KPU students are automatically enrolled and fees charged upon registration in classes. KPU offers two types of medical insurance:

  1. International Insurance: Coverage begins on the first day of the first month of the semester, and is renewable every semester. The cost for the full term is $201.30. If you have received your BC medical services plan (MSP), you are eligible for permanent opt out. The deadline to opt out for the summer semester is May 31. This is only available to international students.
  2. Kwantlen Student Association Health and Dental Plan: This provides 12 months of coverage, starting on the first day your studies begin, and is renewable every year. This is available to all KPU students.

Refer to our tuition estimator for tuition and fee information. Remember, while you will pay for medical insurance, KPU has committed to providing an award to ensure you pay the same in tuition and fees overall at KPU as you paid at Langara.

Will I get a U-Pass?

Students who register for in-person classes are eligible for MultiPass, the name for U-Pass at KPU. In addition to the discounted Translink travel provided by U-Pass, the MultiPass gives you access to discounted fitness centre passes, a car pool program and more. Visit the MultiPass webpage for more information.


Studying at KPU offers you several advantages.

Entertainment arts programs at KPU are full academic programs. This means you will receive an academic credential (diploma or certificate) upon completion of your program.

Graduates of the entertainment arts diploma programs may be eligible to continue their studies, pursuing one of KPU's undergraduate degrees and certificate graduates may choose to pursue studies in one of the entertainment arts diploma programs.

As a KPU student registered in an academic program, you will have access to awards and other forms of financial assistance, including student loans for domestic students. You'll also have access to all of the supports and perks of being a member of the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA), including extended health and dental benefits, Multi-Pass, discounts and more.

A new semester offers new opportunities for you. Make sure you complete and return your disclosure form, and apply to KPU before the deadlines to ensure you're able to take entertainment arts programs at KPU in May 2022.

If you need assistance transferring to KPU, please contact:

You can also bring your questions to the online information sessions.

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