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Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies | Alumni Statements

Most Recent Graduating Class


Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan, BA Sociology, Spring 2017

Ayesha is a community organizer who completed a BA Sociology, a Certificate in Human Rights and a Certificate in NGO & Non Profit Studies. Ayesha has served as the Secretary on the Board of Directors for Human Concern International - a Canadian charity based in Ottawa, as well as the Director of Anti-Oppression at Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group - KPIRG. She is passionate about development and has participated in various forms of national/international volunteerism, including teaching at a school for Syrian refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey. She aspires to join the ranks of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, by offering a critical and intersectional feminist lens to the world of global diplomacy.

In 2017, Ayesha was employed by the President of Equatorial Guinea as the Managing Director of his international events center in Accra, Ghana.  Through that position, Ayesha was able to host the UNHCR and UN Habitat.

Scott Mossop

Scott Mossop, BA Policy Studies, Spring 2017

Many of the skills that I learned in the Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies have been useful in my work after graduating.  I currently serve on the City of Surrey's Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee and one of our upcoming initiatives are the Green City awards, which recognizes individuals, groups and businesses who have had a big effect on environmental protection in Surrey.  Additionally, I am a full-time employee at Insights West.  While not a nonprofit organization, many of the skills have been transferable.  Most recently, I have been able to work on surveys, focus group discussions and respondent panels for topics that range from brand awareness to public interest and political elections.  I have also been able to produce social media content which displays interesting research findings such as the role of Insights West in predicting the most recent BC election.

Tasneem Jamal

Tasneem Jamal, BA Political Science, Spring 2017

The NGO and Non-Profit Studies Certificate is different from any other program offered at KPU. It offers a combination of theoretical courses, practical experience, and networking opportunities which help provide a real, up-to-date understanding of the nonprofit sector.

As part of the Certificate, I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside my peers with different local organizations such as the Surrey Women’s Centre, Surrey Public Libraries, and the United Nations Association of Canada (UNAC). These experiences taught me the importance of volunteer work and the impact the smallest of gestures can have on local and international communities. 

While I’ve always had an interest in the nonprofit sector, this Certificate has set the foundation and given me the relevant skills and knowledge to work in the non-profit sector. The best part about the Certificate is not just realizing the immense impact NGOs and non-profits can have locally and globally, but also the impact that we, as individuals, can have on our would.
Ana Awmack Juan

Ana Awmack Juan, BA Anthropology, Spring 2017

While working towards my Anthropology degree, I decided to also take the courses that would allow me to complete the NGO and Nonprofit certificate at the same time. I felt that it was a great opportunity to get some hands-on experience in the nonprofit field while also developing my network in this area. I wasn’t disappointed, as it opened up many doors to volunteer with UNAC as well as work with Surrey Cares Community Foundation. The nonprofit sector is unique and the skills I learned while working on the certificate have given me a solid foundation to build a career in this area.

Antronig Aghazarian

Antronig Aghazarian, B.A. Anthropology / Social Innovation & Researcher, Spring 2017

If Anthropology is the door to an exciting field, then this NGO Certificate is the lock for that door.  I was able to translate a broad range of topics and expertise into a concentrated focus by using what I learned.  This Certificate is filled with practice and useful courses which otherwise I would have overlooked.  I highly recommend this Certificate to anyone pursuing a degree in Anthropology, and not quite sure how to translate it into a career, and the same is true of other program areas as well.

Cristina Catargiu

Cristina Catargiu, BA in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Summer, 2017

Cristina Catargiu has a BA in Entrepreneurial Leadership from KPU, alongside the Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies. This bridging of the School of Business and the Faculty of Arts is one of the core strengths of the NGO and Nonprofit Studies program. Cristina values entrepreneurship when it rightly blends the need for making money with the want to meaningfully impact society, and appreciates the human role in the society from a business and non-business perspective.

Manjit Randhawa

Manjit Randhawa, Summer 2017

The NGO and Nonprofit Studies program at KPU was an amazing experience. It allowed me to not only learn about NGOs but also allowed me to work with them as well, gaining firsthand experience. It provided great volunteer events and networking opportunities. The NGO Studies Program allowed me to try courses that were very different than my major, it allowed me to gain knowledge in all aspects of the non-profit sector. This program was very beneficial academically and career wise as well. I would encourage anyone that wants to be a part of a fun fast paced creative program to try this, you will not be disappointed!

Zahid Dossa

Zahid Dossa, BA Political Science, Minor Policy Studies, NGO Certificate, Fall 2017

I had stumbled upon the NGO and Nonprofit courses before even knowing the program existed.  Being an interdisciplinary student, I thought that the two NGO classes (Anth 2190 and 3190) would be very beneficial to my education.  I then found out that the certificate exists – I was elated!  The opportunity to not only take courses learning about the NGO and Nonprofit sector, but to also get a certificate in it was very exciting.  From the tangible, hard skills gained from the classes, through the soft skills gained through the experiential learning aspects, the certificate and all of its components have definitely been a highlight of my time at KPU.  It is an excellent complement to any arts degree and I highly recommend it to any students interested in the NGO and Nonprofit sector.