Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies

The Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies program is an Open Intake Program in the Faculty of Arts.  Business courses are included in the program and students from the Melville School of Business are also encouraged to take the Certificate in NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Nonprofit Studies.  

Please see the current calendar and check for Open intake under Intake Types


A student that does not meet the English proficiency requirements for admission to undergraduate studies at KPU has the option of taking English proficiency upgrading courses, while simultaneously taking a limited number of undergraduate courses at KPU. The undergraduate courses available to Pathway Students will help them advance towards their intended undergraduate credential and aid their transition to full undergraduate studies.  

More information: https://calendar.kpu.ca/admissions/pathway-undergraduate-studies/

If you have any questions, you can contact KPU’s Future Students Office at study@kpu.ca

International students should contact our Office of International Recruitment and Admissions at international@kpu.ca