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Carla MacLean BA (UVic), M.Sc. (SMU), PhD (UVic), Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (SFU)

Surrey Office: 
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I joined the Department as a Lecturer in 2012. Prior to this, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Simon Fraser University. In my research and my lectures I like to pursue topics that apply social and cognitive theory to worlds outside the lab. For more about my background and interests you can find an interview with me here. I am in the process of developing a research lab at KPU to further my research interests and to provide students at KPU with the opportunity to gain valuable research experience.  In my free time you will find me taking pictures badly and loving nearly all of the headaches and joys associated with travel.



Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

My research explores factors that affect decision making and eyewitness recall for critical events (industrial and criminal). Compelling factors that I am particularly interested in are the effect of contextual and motivational factors in the investigative process. I am interested in how factors such as  expertise, stereotypes, environment, allegiances or state affect decision making and recall. My research considers topics such as confirmation bias/tunnel vision and investigative interviewing techniques.

Interviewing eyewitnesses: Enhancing output quantity and quality. Collaborators: Dr. Lorraine Hope (Portsmouth University) and Dr. Fiona Gabbert (Goldsmiths University)

Investigator and expert bias in decision making. Collaborator: Dr. Itiel Dror (University College London)

Witness recall for repeated events. Collaborator: Dr. Deborah Connolly (Simon Fraser University)

Contact me if you are interesting in discussing research, I am interested in supervising honours students!

Scholarly Work