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PSYC 4010: Practicum

Important - Practicum Timeline


  1. Planning for Practicum usually begins at least four months ahead of the summer semester, ideally earlier. Apply early to secure your spot
  2. Review Practicum Information Session video. (Updates coming soon).
  3. Complete a Practicum Application Questionnaire (open by November).
  4. Upload a copy of your Resume/CV. For improving your resume, visit KPU’s Career Services website to follow up on resume review options.
  5. Attend an individual meeting with the Practicum Supervisor Kurt Penner (to be scheduled after receiving Practicum Application Questionnaire).
  6. Participate in search and screening activities for a potential practicum position.

Watch 2019 Student Practicum Presentations

Practicum Student

PSYC 4010 (6 credits) is the new Psychology Practicum course for Summer 2021. PSYC 4000 (3 credits) will no longer be offered.

This course is designed to introduce students to the workplace, research settings, and possible entry-level jobs after graduation. Students work under the supervision of both the employer/host and a Kwantlen supervisor, undertaking projects that enable them to apply the academic knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. (Click PDF icon here to check one of the Practicum Presentations)

The Practicum is offered only in the Summer semester, see an Arts Degree Advisor.

Prerequisites: Both (a) 72 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher, including 9 credits from PSYC courses at the 3000 level or higher, and (b) the permission of the Practicum Instructor.

Important Information for Students

  • Watch for 2020-21 Practicum Information Session updates here, and via your KPU email for Psychology announcements. In all likelihood, there will be an Information Session video posted rather than any in-person sessions. If you have any questions, please contact the Practicum Supervisor at
  • If you are a BSc or BAA student, your degree completion requires you to complete a part-time practicum during the summer term. Practicum is not offered during any other term.
  • Students usually take one or two other courses at the most along with their Practicum course.
  • BA Students may also complete a practicum as an optional course.
  • For information about prerequisites please contact the Practicum Supervisor Kurt Penner at
  • Normally Practicum work will begin in the first week of May. 

Practicum positions include:

  • A required minimum of 180 work hours for the employer (recommended maximum 220);
  • Part-time or full-time work, scheduled at the convenience of the employer and student;
  • Unpaid work (with some exceptions);
  • Work between the beginning of May and early August;
  • A workplace meeting between the faculty supervisor and employer/host supervisor;
  • A brief feedback evaluation by the employer/host supervisor;
  • Three (3) class meetings during the semester;
  • Weekly online reports, and a final oral & written report.

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