PSYC 4010 Practicum FAQs

What is the Psychology Practicum?

The Psychology Practicum is a normally part-time, semester-long work term for students in the final year of their BA, BAA, or BSc in psychology. Practicum students work for a total of 180 to 200 hours at a workplace outside KPU. The work site is selected in consultation with the Psychology Practicum Supervisor.

Why would I take the Psychology Practicum?

The Psychology Practicum is a requirement for BAA and BSc psychology students. It is an optional opportunity for BA psychology students. The goal of the Practicum is to create a career bridge between your knowledge of psychology acquired through a variety of psychology courses and the work experience outside KPU. Many of our past students have found meaningful, high paying jobs following their Practicum term. Students also say it was quite enjoyable!

How do I find a Practicum position?

Students must meet with the Psychology Practicum Supervisor for advice, guidance, and eligibility for the Practicum location at least three months BEFORE the start of the Practicum semester, ideally earlier. Students are encouraged to find a Practicum position, just as they would find a job. Students should look for a position that relates to one or more of the psychology courses they have taken: e.g. human factors and ergonomics, developmental psychopathology, research methods, neuropsychology, culture and psychology, organizational behavior etc.

I want to go to graduate school. Can I complete research as my Psychology Practicum?

Your Practicum may be in any research facility of the government/private company/non-profit organization, or in research labs of graduate schools. This is a great opportunity to be ahead in your grad school preparation.

When can I do my Practicum?

The Psychology Practicum is offered in a summer term. Students nearing the completion of their psychology degree should plan to do their Practicum in the summer term of their final year. In some cases, completion of the Practicum in the summer prior to a student’s final year may be beneficial.

Do I get paid for Practicum work?

The Practicum is a course you take, like any other course in psychology. The work employer is not required to pay any salary or wages. However, an employer may offer to pay.

Are there prerequisites for taking the Psychology Practicum?

Both (a) 72 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher, including 9 credits from PSYC courses at the 3000 level or higher, and (b) the permission of the Practicum Instructor.

If you have further questions about prerequisites please contact practicum supervisor, Kurt Penner at

Can I use my current paid job or volunteer hours as my Practicum?

Yes, but only if your current job or volunteer position allows you to implement a psychology practicum project or utilize new skills, and is approved by the Practicum Supervisor and the Employer/Agency. The Psychology Practicum requires the use of work skills related to psychology in a new way or a new context, along with the reflective learning component of the course.

Can I complete all my Practicum hours in one month or do I have to spread them across 4 months of the semester?

You can complete the Practicum hours as they suit your project and as long as it also works for the employer/host. It may be completed in a month, or spread across any or all months of the semester.

Is there anything else required besides completing work hours?

Each week you submit an online weekly report, regardless of how much work was completed. You meet in class three times during the term as a group for sharing and discussing your Practicum experiences. During the last week of classes, you will present your Practicum project to your classmates. At the end of your Practicum term, you will submit a major report and a PowerPoint e-poster. There may be invited opportunities in the future for some students to present their Practicum project as a poster or an oral presentation at a public event.

For more questions, please contact the practicum supervisor, Kurt Penner at