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Welcome to KPU Psychology

Advice from Psychology Honours Students

Hear from students like you

  • Adrianne Campbell

    Adrianne Campbell

    Student Advice

    Dear incoming psychology students,

    In kindergarten, my teacher asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. To this, most of the kids responded with, “a firefighter”, “a...

  • Amanda Dumoulin

    Amanda Dumoulin

    Student Advice

    Welcome to KPU Psychology! Whether it is your first year or not, the psyc program has so much to offer you; even more than I can even begin to tell you in this letter.

    When you enter your...

  • Anthony Hull-Kennedy

    Anthony Hull-Kennedy

    Student Advice

    Dear Incoming Psychology Student,

    Congratulations on entering university! I hope you have taken the time and energy to appreciate the journey you have taken thus far to get to where you...

  • Brett Davidson

    Brett Davidson

    Student Advice

    Dear full-of-potential psychology students,

    Probably like many of you, I was extremely nervous to start university. I had no idea what I wanted to take, or where I wanted to go; this is...

  • Cydney Cocking

    Cydney Cocking

    Student Advice

    Dear psychology students,

    I hope you’re settling in well to your first year at university. If you’re struggling, KPU offers a variety of services to help smooth your transition...

  • Jessa Davies

    Jessa Davies

    Student Advice

    Congratulations on starting your journey in Psychology at Kwantlen! When I began my studies at KPU I was a General Studies major and intended on becoming a teacher, now in my final year I am in...

  • Makayla Vandermark

    Makayla Vandermark

    Student Advice

    Dear incoming psych students,

    Five years ago, I made the decision to pursue a degree in psychology after falling in love with human behavior and mental health. It hasn’t been an easy...