PSYC Practicum Testimonials

The knowledge, skills, lessons, and experiences that I have gained through my practicum have really influenced my future career direction and decision.

My practicum experiences have not only made me stronger, more confident, and certain about my future goals, but it also offered me a place to start working and doing my best.

- Amandeep Chamdal

I was pleasantly surprised to discover to what extent my formal education had prepared me for novel situations. I not only gained work experience, but also a new perspective on my education and myself.

The practicum course will hold a high rank in the most useful courses I have taken during my degree.

- Tina Charmchi

My practicum was a great way to finish off my psychology degree and I am so grateful for the experience.  Overall my practicum gave me the opportunity to showcase and reflect on the skills I have learned during my degree. Furthermore I feel my practicum, experience has given me even more skills that I can carry forward into my future career plans.

I feel that my practicum experience has given me an edge when I apply to a teaching program this winter. It was truly wonderful and I highly recommend that all psychology students participate in a practicum.

- Mireya Hooper

I will always refer back to this experience as one of the most important achievements during my undergraduate years!

- Kyla J.

My practicum opened me up to more doors and career ideas.

What I gained from my practicum, was not only experience, but it showed me what type of environment I want to work in.

The experience I had ... will not only help me with my future career in counselling, but it has also shown me that I am capable of more than I knew.

- Mackenzie Stanke