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Daniel Bernstein BA (Hons) (California), M.Ps. (Brock), PhD (SFU)

Dr. Daniel Bernstein has launched a large-scale study that examines how social thinking changes over time.
Surrey Campus: 
Surrey Office: 
Surrey Main 2881-3
Richmond Campus: 
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Room 2406

Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

Belief and memory; Developmental metacognition; Hindsight bias; Mild head injury; Sleep and dreams.

My current interests are in false memory and cognitive development. Specifically, I am interested in how people develop false memories, or memories for events that never occurred. I am also interested in the behavioural consequences of false memories.

"I am interested in supervising honours students."

Interview with Dr. Daniel M. Bernstein

Interview by Scott Douglas Jacobsen. He founded In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing.

Scholarly Work