Daniel Derksen

BA (Hons) (KPU), MA (SFU), PhD Candidate in Forensic Psychology (SFU)
Daniel Derksen
Surrey Office: Main 2881-09


Limited Term: Fall 2023

Courses taught

  • PSYC 1100: Introduction to Psychology - Basic Processes

Areas of Interest

I am broadly interested in cognitive biases in decision-making. Specifically, I have been researching how photos paired with statements impact belief and perceived credibility. We think that the photos impact the subjective ease and speed of processing the information that they are paired with. This can be misused as a cue for the truth or veracity of the information. I have been applying these ideas to judgements of truth and credibility in legal contexts.

I also enjoy continued involvement with a lab researching lifespan cognitive development and have conducted research on theory of mind and the sunk-cost fallacy with a focus on changes across development.

Finally, I completed my practicum with the Forensic Practice and have continued involvement with the company. Through my work and training with them, I have become familiar with the StepWise 360 approach to forensic interviewing as well as other interviewing protocols.