Deborah Mater

BSc (UCalgary); HCA (Health Care Admin Cert., USask); MA (City University, Seattle); PhD (Southern California). Registered Clinical Counselor (BC)
Surrey Office: 2881-13


I have worked in two of the psychiatric hospitals (Saskatoon and Abbotsford) within the federal correctional system in a variety of positions including Clinical Director. For the past 8 years, I have been writing psychological risk assessments on violent and sexual offenders who were applying or eligible for release or reduced security. I have taught Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology to graduate students since 2008 and have taught various sessional psychology courses at KPU since 2014. I’ve recently joined the KPU faculty on a full time basis where I will continue to instruct psychopathology and clinical psychology courses as well as others. I have been a second reader for multiple graduate and post graduate Capstone projects, theses and dissertations and hope to be able to support KPU students with their honours work. 

I have and maintain a private counselling practice where most of the clients have mental health injuries obtained on the job. I have specialty training to work with first responders and have a strong interest in trauma and other stressor-related disorders. My volunteer work has been with stroke victims suffering from aphasia and I have instituted and done pet facilitated therapy in a variety of locations. My current Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has retired from active duty as a therapist preferring to lounge around eating biscuits and pretending he is actual royalty. If asked nicely, he will accompany me on a long forest hike. We are working on his equinophobia.

Courses taught

  • PSYC 1100 Introduction to Psychology: Basic Processes
  • PSYC 1200 Introduction to Psychology: Areas and Applications
  • PSYC 2350: Psychopathology
  • PSYC 3320: Drugs and Behaviour
  • PSYC 3450: Clinical Psychology

Areas of Interest

My interests include those areas where law and psychology intersect; boundary violations in therapeutic relationships; resiliency and self-care. I am passionate about the discipline of psychology, fascinated by all the disorders and treatment modalities and hope to influence the next generation of mental health service researchers and providers and nurture their passion for psychology.

I am interested in supervising Honours students.