Ivan Trujillo-Pisanty

BSc (UNAM), MA (Concordia), PhD (Concordia), Postdoctoral Research Fellow (UNC) and (University of Washington)
Surrey Office: Main 2881-09
Richmond Office: Main 2404

Courses taught

  • PSYC 1100: Introduction to Psychology - Basic Processes
  • PSYC 2315: Brain and Behaviour
  • PSYC 3320: Drugs and Behaviour
  • PSYC 4315: Neuroscience

Areas of Interest

Ivan’s general area of expertise is biopsychology. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the brain and psychological processes, basic neuroscience, and psychopharmacology. Specific topics of interest include reward, motivation, addiction, impulse-control disorders, depression, and psychedelic therapies. Ivan also enjoys teaching introductory psychology, history of psychology, and research methods.

In addition, Ivan has vast experience as an international student and is currently serving as the KPU Psychology Department International Student Liaison. International students are welcome to reach out to his e-mail for guidance and support.