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Richard LeGrand BA (Hons) (McGill), PhD (McMaster)

Surrey Office: 
Surrey Main 2881-18

Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

I am interested in studying the cognitive and brain mechanisms that underlie various aspects of face processing such as detecting that a stimulus is a face, knowing who a person is (facial identity) and what mood they are in (facial expression). To do so, I study the emergence of face processing skills during infancy, their maturation during childhood, and expert face processing in adulthood. I also study various patient populations who have severe deficits processing faces including such as patients with prosopagnosia (difficulty recognizing faces following brain injury), autism spectrum disorder, and recovery from congenital cataract. I study face processing skills using both behavioural and neurophysiological measures. Recently I have begun using event-related potentials to examine the temporal dynamics of face perception (in particular the N170 and N250 components).

**I am available for supervising honour students.**