Shiva Hajian

BSc (UBC), MSc (UNK), PhD (SFU)
Shiva Hajian

Since 2016 I have been studying the types of instructional prompts and feedback leading to development of inquiry competencies such as scientific observation, global and local testing, data collection, pattern recognition, and inference making within Simulation Assisted Inquiry Learning (SAIL) environments. My most recent published work was conducted with a team of researchers from Simon Fraser and Mount Saint Vincent University on educational design principles of using AI chatbot that supports self-regulated learning in teaching and learning.  

I’m currently investigating the application of major motivational theories in active learning environments. If you’re interested in this topic, please contact me and share your thoughts.

Courses taught

  • PSYC 1100: Introduction to Psychology - Basic Processes
  • PSYC 1200: Introduction to Psychology - Areas and Applications
  • PSYC 2400: Research Methods in Psychology l

Areas of Interest

I’m interested in investigating student learning attitudes and behaviors from cognitive, metacognitive, and affective perspectives. My goal is to design and implement holistic learning strategies that promote exploration, questioning, mindful observation, metacognitive awareness, reflection, and self-regulation in diverse learners. 

Scholarly Work