Yunzhijun Yu

Ph.D. Marketing (SFU)
Surrey Office: Main 2881-03
Richmond Office: Main 2406


Limited Term - Spring & Summer 2024


With a background in consumer psychology, Yunzhijun Yu (Yuyu) ‘s research focuses on psychological ownership, consumer fantasy, and power dynamics in interpersonal relationships. Yuyu has taught various courses at Simon Fraser University and Nottingham Trent University. She also serves on the editorial review board for the Journal of Advertising Research.

Courses taught

  • PSYC 1100: Introduction to Psychology - Basic Processes
  • PSYC 2400: Experimental Psychology - Research Methodology
  • PSYC 2330: Social Psychology
  • PSYC 3210: Attitudes and Persuasion

Areas of Interest

Yunzhijun (Yuyu)’s research focuses on how individuals develop psychological ownership, or feelings of passiveness, over objects, ideas, and human beings. Aside from this, Yuyu also conducts research in the domains of advertising, social media, and sustainability.

Scholarly Work