Alternatives to Research Study Participation


Options for students who:

  • are not available during any of the research study sessions
  • are not interested in participating in any research studies

** please check to make sure you are allowed to participate in alternatives in lieu of research studies

  1. If you are not feeling comfortable after completing the study, you can request the data from your participation not be used in analysis. You will still receive your credits from your participation.
  2. If you do not want to participate in a research study as a subject, but are interested in learning about the research, you may contact the researcher or the research assistant to walk you through the experiment. He/she will introduce the procedure and some information about the research study he/she is running to you. You will still receive your credits from walking through the experiment.
  3. Written article summary report: Download the  and the list of acceptable journals (choose an article from the list) or get copies from the Psychology Research Pool sites (Surrey: Fir 214/Richmond: 2400). Please complete the form according to the attached instructions and hand it in to the psychology labs (or submit by email) by the research pool deadline. Each report will be equal to 1/2 hour of research participation. You must submit it to the psychology labs by the last day of the research pool for the current semester. 
  4. Additional alternatives may be offered from the professors allowing bonus credits through the psych lab/research pool sites. Please speak to your instructor for the class in which you are seeking alternate bonus mark options.

For more information:
Please contact the research pool management team at