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Lucie Gagne



Lucie Gagne


Lucie Gagné is an award-winning designer with broad experience in interior/architectural design. Ms. Gagné has been teaching in the Interior Design program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University since 1998, and is the Coordinator of the program.

Ms. Gagné is currently a doctoral candidate at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Leadership in Post-Secondary Contexts. She is passionate about finding ways to help students gain a greater cultural and contextual awareness, and to understand the broader context in which one’s work fits. She is particularly interested in what can result from the spontaneous collision of ideas when people from differing backgrounds and experiences collaborate, and in the integration of diverse and global approaches in making informed connections across disciplines and international boundaries.

Research Gate:

Areas of research:

Design thinking and praxis; in particular design for well-being and design for learning (learning spaces); Human-Centered Design; & Sustainability. Experiential & place-based education; transformative learning; outdoor learning, nature as teacher & researcher; & global competency; Green Design & Living Buildings

Current projects:

My current doctoral research focuses on the practices of experiential learning within a non-formal, cross-cultural, and global context. The case study examines students' experience of the Amazon Interdisciplinary Field School (AIFS) offered by KPU and how the AIFS provides opportunities for contextually grounded transformative learning experiences.