Exchange - Course Selection and Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Process

As an exchange student you will receive transfer credit for all courses successfully completed while on exchange. Transfer of credit involves the following categories:

  • i. specific equivalent of a given course (assigned credit);
  • ii. unassigned credit in a discipline, department or programme;
  • iii. unassigned credit in a Faculty or School;
  • iv. unassigned credit for courses not identifiable with KPU course offerings but evaluated as being appropriate for general academic credit.

You can find helpful information about course transfer details from past KPU Students in the individual Transfer Credit Database linked to on each partner profile page (when available). We do not have a database built for every partner. 

After selecting your courses, it is the student's responsibility to submit a Request for a Letter of Permission (LOP). Your LOP will outline what type of Transfer Credit you will be receiving for your exchange courses. The LOP also states that transfer credit will be evaluated immediately upon your return to KPU after receipt of your transcript from your partner school. Should you make changes to your course selection while on exchange, it is your responsibility to contact KPU Study Abroad immediately so that we can revise your LOP. Delays in updating or providing your Request for Letter of Permission are likely to cause significant delays with your transfer credit evaluations and those credits being added to your KPU records.

Choosing your Courses

Once you have been accepted to your partner school, they will give you information as to what courses will be offered while you are there and also how to register for your courses

When selecting your courses it is helpful to:

  • Consult the individual Transfer Credit Database linked to on each partner profile page (when available) to see what courses have already been pre-approved for specific transfer credit. 
  • Meet with an academic advisor to determine what course requirements you will need to fulfill while on exchange

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