Exchange - Partner Application

Once you have been nominated by Kwantlen to go on Exchange you must then apply to your partner institution as an exchange student. You should receive information on how to apply to your partner in your nomination package from Kwantlen and it will also be covered more in-depth at the pre-departure session. All documentation should go through the exchange office.

In most cases, students nominated by Kwantlen to go on exchange are generally accepted by our partners with no troubles. However, there still is a small chance that the application might be rejected. It is very important that you submit all the required documentation by the appropriate deadlines. Each school has a slightly different process so make sure you follow the appropriate directions for your institution.

Once you have been accepted to your host institution, you should receive an acceptance letter from them at least three months before your departure date. You will need this letter to apply for your study permit.

If you have any questions, please contact the exchange office at

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