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Ghent University


Ghent, Belgium

Field of Study:

Science & Horticulture

Language of Instruction:

English and Dutch

Semester Dates:

Term 1: Late September to Early February
Term 2: Mid February to Early July

Please check the latest academic calendar to confirm the dates.

Link to Academic Calender:

KPU Semester Alignment

KPU (Overlap of Fall and Spring) = Partner (Term 1)

KPU (Overlap of Spring and Summer) = Partner (Term 2)


Exchange information:

Exchange Student Handbook:

PDF icon UGent_WelcomeGuide_2019-20_web.pdf


PDF icon Fact sheet_Ghent University_EB_2021.pdf

Institution Transfer Credit Database:

Transfer Credit Database

Course Information:  

Program Information:


PDF icon UGent_WelcomeGuide_2019-20_web.pdf (see page 38)

Cost of Living:

PDF icon UGent_WelcomeGuide_2019-20_web.pdf (see page 51)

Visa Information:

More Information:


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