Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

Location:Nagasaki, Japan
Field of Study:Japanese Language Core Classes, Japan Studies Courses, Traditional Arts and Martial Arts Seminars, and Guided Independent Study
Language of Instruction:English and/or Japanese
Semester Dates:

Spring semester: Late March - Early August

Fall semester: Late September - Mid February (Can finish by Dec 24th if an "Early Assessment" is done. 

KPU Semester Alignment

KPU (Overlap of Fall and Spring) = Partner (Fall)

KPU (Overlap of Spring and Summer) = Partner (Spring)

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Fall 2024:

Spring 2024: 

Course Information:

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Program Information:

Japan Studies in Nagasaki (JASIN) Program offers an opportunity for current university students from foreign countries to study undergraduate level courses in Japanese language and in Japanese studies. Besides academic studies, the program emphasizes a wide exposure to Japanese society and culture through field trips, tours, social activities, and the possibility of arranged stays in Japanese-style housing situations





Fall 2024:

Spring 2024:


Visa Information:

Full-time students in the JASIN Program must obtain a Japanese Student Visa through the Program before entering Japan. Japanese law does not allow university study with a tourist or temporary visa. For more details, please visit:

More Information:
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