Universidad de Guanajuato

Please note that Universidad de Guanajuato is a CONAHEC partner school

Location: Guanajuato, Mexico
Areas of Study: Spanish
Website for Institution: (Spanish)
Website for Exchange Students at the Institution: http://www.internacional.ugto.mx/ (Spanish)

Institution Transfer Credit Database: https://kpu.ca/sites/default/files/OISS/Universidad%20de%20Guanajuato.pdf
Approximate Semester Dates: Term 1: Early January to end of May
Term 2:  Early August to mid December 
Academic Calendar


Shared apartment costs around $5,000 pesos/month. Usually students stay during the first days in a Youth Hostel (Aprox $300 pesos per night).

Meals cost: around $3,000 pesos/month

Transportation cost: around $300 pesos/month

Partner Institution Information Sheet:

Universidad de Guanajuato

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