University of Central Lancashire in England

Location:United Kingdom Preston Campus in Lancashire of northern England
Field of Study:All areas of study are available to incoming students, subject to previous academic study. Go here to see a list of subject programs. Go here to see a list of undergraduate courses. 
Language of Instruction:English
Semester Dates:

Semester 1: End of September - Mid January
Semester 2: Mid January - Mid May
Full year: End of September - Mid May

Incoming exchange students must attend Welcome Week and are required to arrive at UCLan no later than Sunday 29th September

Please check the latest academic calendar to confirm the dates.

Link to Academic Calender:

KPU Semester Alignment

KPU (Overlap of Fall and Spring) = Partner (Semester 1)

KPU (Overlap of Spring and Summer) = Partner (Semester 2)

Exchange information:

Exchange Student Handbook:
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Factsheet:PDF icon UCLan Fact Sheet 2024-25
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On campus accommodation prices start from (as of September 2023 subject to change in future years):
Full Year 20/09/23 – 14/07/2024 - £3537.26
Sem 1 – 20/09/23 – 19/01/2024 - £1436.27
Sem 2 – 17/01/24 – 14/07/2024 - £2124.73

Cost of Living:

Visa Information:
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