University of Applied Sciences Regensburg


Regensburg, Germany

Field of Study:

Business, Information Technology

Language of Instruction:

English, German 

Semester Dates:

Winter Semester: October to Mid-March

Summer Semester: Mid-March to September end

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KPU Semester Alignment

KPU (Spring) = Partner (Winter Semester)

KPU (Overlap of Spring and Summer) = Partner (Summer Semester)


Exchange information:

Info in English: Here

Info in German: Here

Exchange Student Handbook:

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Course Information:

Study programme overview (

Courses taught in English at OTH


B2 German language level required for courses held in German.


On campus accommodation is available: 

Accommodation (

Private housing market in Regensburg:

Buddy Program:

For more information, please contact:

More information about application for the Buddy Programme will be sent to the students

In July/August - for winter semester

In January - for summer semester

Cost of Living:

Monthly rent (halls of residence) approx. €200 - €400
Monthly rent (private housing) approx. €300 - €600
Monthly food approx. €150 - €200
Health insurance per month (only for students from non EU countries or countries with no social insurance agreement) approx. €80
Internet/phone per month approx. €25
TV licence fee (per household/month) €18
Semester fee (incl. six-month bus ticket) €137.30
Mensa/midday meal approx. €2-€3
Eating in a restaurant approx. €7-€12
Cup of coffee approx. €2.50
Beer (0.5 litre) approx. €3
Ticket to the movies approx. €8 - €10
Open-air pool approx. €3.50
Disco ticket approx. €5 - €8

Visa Information:

Please check the recent information provided by the diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany in your home country.
Currently there is no visa required for Canadians to enter Germany.

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