Individual Account Responsibility | Accounts Payable


We require a minimum of two weeks to process an invoice.
Vendors, suppliers or company invoices are to be addressed to Accounts Payable Dept - Langley Campus.

For Assistance, contact:    

Catherine Weston


Keith Wong (Auxiliary)

Local 3329

Local 2424

Bookstore Invoices Bette Blaschek

Local 2339

In addition to these responsibilities please contact:

BCGEU PD Local 2424
Faculty PD Local 2424
Purchase Cards Maria Francisco

Local 6209

Expenses & Semester Mileage Local 2424
Personal Professional Development Local 2424

Expense Claims

All Expense Claims are paid through Direct Deposit to your bank account.

The expense report MUST include both your name and Banner ID. We require a minimum of two weeks to process an expense claim. Please attach original receipts plus a brief description of the purpose of the claim. All claims require approval by the appropriate Administrator or Designate.

When expense claim amounts are not properly supported or adequately explained the University will deduct the amount in question when paying the claim so that the remaining expenses are not delayed. The claimant will be informed of the discrepancy and the expense item may be resubmitted on another expense claim when the matter is resolved.

For further information, view the Business Travel and Expense.

Personal Professional Development Funds for Faculty (PPDF) Claims

Guidelines have now been determined for the payment of Faculty Personal Professional Development Funds. Please contact the KFA office for more information.

Personal PD claims should be submitted directly to the Finance Department, attention Keith Wong at (Local 2424), on a Kwantlen Expense Report. Your Banner ID number should be included next to your name. It is not necessary to have your dean's approval for personal PD submissions.