FAQs | Accounts Receivable

Q: How do I create an invoice for an outside company?

Please fill out an Invoice Request Form (A1010) and forward it to the Accounts Receivable Department. This form can be found under OurKwantlen > Resources > Forms of all Kinds.

Q: How can I tell if a student is sponsored and who their sponsoring agency is?

In Banner, access TSIAUTH. This form will explain the sponsorship.

Q: Why am I being charged a late penalty on my first invoice?

Fee payment deadlines are published in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University calendar and timetable. If fees are not paid, the accounts are charged a late penalty and invoices are mailed to the students.

Q: Why am I being charged the medical/dental plan fees when I didn't ask for them?

Students who register for 9 or more credits are automatically charged these fees. If you have equivalent coverage, you are eligible to "opt out" of this plan. Please refer to your timetable and/or phone the KSA Benefits office at 604.599.2431 for information on dates and deadlines.