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National Indigenous History Month 2021

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Some events have seats set aside for Indigenous youth and High School students, please self identify when you register.

Tuesday, June 8: Indigenous Language Revitalization with Fern Gabriel, Kwantlen First Nation

Join Fern Gabriel, ancestral name, Sesmelot from Kwantlen First Nation for an interactive and fun session where she will share and teach some basic greetings in the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ dialect including the phrase ʔəm̓i ce:p kʷətxʷiləm that means “welcome” and how to pronounce it.

Thursday, June 10: Telling Modern Indigenous Stories with Kelvin Redvers, Deninu K'ue First Nation

Kelvin Redvers, an award winning Dene filmmaker and producer, will be sharing how after making goofy short films as a teenager turned into an award winning career in media, co-founding WE MATTER, an Indigenous youth mental health organization and  helping create multi-million dollar projects.  Making a career in media is tough, but it’s possible and sometimes it means following a path you never expected and creating your own jobs.  And, most importantly, how having a career like this is possible in whatever field you love.

Tuesday, June 29: Mind, Body, Spirit Feather Collage with Melanie Rivers, Tiyaltelwet, Squamish Nation

Many of us think we aren't creative. We don't need to be skillful at art to access its medicines. Art is an incredibly powerful vehicle to express what can’t be said in words, a way to synthesize and capture an experience, transform stories, and find moments of peace and stillness. In this virtual workshop, we will create our own Mind, Body, Spirit Feather collage. I'll walk you through step by step and no art experience is needed. Our wellbeing is impacted by all aspects of ourselves--- our thought patterns, our physical movement, and our connection to spirit (in what ever ways we do that). We will also draw on the wisdom of the eagle and the perspectives the eagle has as it flies high in the sky. Bring whatever supplies you have available -   pens, pencils, paints, pastels, colored pencil, crayons, magazines, old book pages, glue sticks, cardboard etc.

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