Indigenous Student Self-Identification

Why self-identify?

KPU has a stated commitment to developing meaningful partnerships, pedagogical approaches, program offerings and student services to better meet the distinctive needs of all Indigenous peoples. By self-identifying as part of your official student record, you will assist KPU with the tracking of university participation and completion rates for Indigenous students and our overall strategic goals of providing a learning environment that is accessible and responsive to the needs of Indigenous students and our Indigenous communities.

aboriginal self identificationWho can self-identify?

For the purposes of self-identification at KPU, an Indigenous Person is identified as an "Indian, Metis, or Inuit person of Canada" (Constitution Act of 1982, Section 35, Number 2).

Why subscribe to our contact list?

Our contact list is accessible to Indigenous Services for Students staff only. You will receive targeted information regarding employment opportunities, scholarships and awards, educational opportunities, special events and academic support programs. Students can request to be removed from the contact list at any time by contacting us at

How can I self-identify?

You can fill out the Indigenous Self-Identification and Contact Form.


All data recorded on the Indigenous Self-Identification Form will be securely stored to respect privacy and used only as a means to enhance Indigenous education programs and services within KPU. Data will be treated in the same manner as KPU student records and protected and governed by the Freedom of Information Act. Individual data will not be communicated. The information gathered regarding Indigenous identification/affiliation will be used in the aggregate only and for the purposes of developing and implementing supportive programs.