Protection of Privacy

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is committed to the following privacy principles that create restrictions, requirements, and obligations related to the collection and management of Personal Information and will uphold these in accordance with FIPPA or as otherwise authorized by law.

Collection Limitation Principle
KPU will collect personal information only as directly related to and necessary for a KPU program or activity.

Use Limitation Principle
KPU will use personal information only for purposes for which it was collected.

Security Safeguards Principle
KPU will employ reasonable security safeguards against such risks as loss or unauthorized collection, use, or disclosure of personal information in KPU’s custody or under its control.

Individual Participation Principle
KPU will provide access to or the opportunity to correct personal information relating to an individual on the individual’s request. KPU will provide recourse for complaints in relation to collection and management of personal information by KPU.

Openness Principle
KPU will be open about policies and practices with respect to personal information.

Accountability Principle
KPU will be accountable for complying with measures which give effect to the principles stated above.

To report a suspected or actual privacy breach at KPU contact