Records and Information Management

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is subject to local, provincial, federal, international, and regulating body by-laws that require intentional management of records and information from collection through disposal.

All employees at KPU are responsible for the understanding the appropriate management of the records and information developed or handled as part of their duties. When KPU employees are unsure about their records and information management responsibilities, they may contact the Manager, Records and Information for guidance.

The Manager, Records and Information Management provides the following services to help departments meet Compliance Requirements, utilize the Operational Advantage of records and information, and identify records that may have Archival Value:

File Classification Plans: Development of a document that guides a consistent, defensible, and practical organization of a department’s records based on department activities as they relate to the overall recordkeeping practices at KPU. The help the Manager, Records and Information Management can provide includes creating classification systems for your office’s electronic and paper records.

Records Retention Schedules: Development of a document that guides consistent, defensible and efficient retention and disposal of records and information based on Compliance Requirements, Operational Advantage and Archival Value.

Training and Outreach: Development of training materials to support thoughtful records and information management. Training is a collaborative process that combines insight from employees at all levels of the organization to establish best practices that can be applied by employees across the university.

Business Process Guidelines: File Classification Plans, Records Retention Schedules and Training are only as valuable as the business processes that support them. Through holistic review of a department’s practices and how they integrate between each position within the department, and other departments, the Manager, Records and Information Management supports the development of standard operating procedures and process guidelines to ensure that only intended information is collected and subsequently managed in a consistent, accessible, and transparent manner.

Good record keeping helps to ensure continuity, efficiency, and compliance in offices across the university. Manager, Records and Information Management are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact with any records management questions that may arise.