Open Pedagogy Learning Community

Open Pedagogy is an access-oriented commitment to learner-driven education. It is also a process of designing architectures and using tools for learning that enable students to shape the public knowledge commons of which they are a part.

Open pedagogy in practice can include creating, adapting, or updating OER with students, building course policies, outcomes, assignments, rubrics, and schedules of work collaboratively with students, or facilitating student-created and student-controlled learning environments such as Domain of One’s Own

In 2018, KPU ran two cohorts of an interdisciplinary Open Pedagogy Learning Community (OPLC; one face-to-face and one virtual). Each group explored a variety of open educational practices that go far beyond open textbooks and critically examined ways in which students and faculty can use open resources, open licensing, and open tools to work together to design powerful and authentic learning experiences. Each group read and annotated a single article and then met for a biweekly discussion.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, KPU partnered with Keene State College in Keene, NH for an inter-institutional virtual OPLC. The topics and readings are listed below.

Foundational Concepts

Critical Perspectives

Student Agency

Domains of One's Own

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


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