Expectations for success

There are a number of criteria that contribute to a successful set of recommendations and solutions for your business once you have been matched up with a student-based team.

Please consider these prior to your organization completing an application to ensure this is a great match between your business needs and KPU’s Partners In Business program.

  • A clearly defined project scope that can realistically be completed within 8-10 weeks
  • A project that addresses a specific real challenge or problem your business is facing now or in the near term
  • A project with practical applications where student-based teams can apply the skills learned in the classroom
  • A senior manager dedicated to meeting with students a minimum of one hour each week
  • A senior manager committed to attending the final report presentation at their place of business, if a final presentation is part of the project deliverables
  • A well informed designated alternate for the senior manager, should they be unavailable
  • Senior manager support to introduce and provide timely access to other key personnel, departments and data
  • Access to confidential information, if required. Please Note: Non-Disclosure Agreements may be completed if and as required
  • A completed application is submitted 2- 4 weeks in advance of the term start date that the consulting project is to commence. Term start dates are the first week of Sept., Jan., and May.