Sustainable Agriculture Student Awards

Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries

KPU offers a wide range awards ranging between $250 to $20,000 — in all, the university offers over $2,000,000 each year to students to help support their goals. Applications are taken online each year in January. There are also many external and direct awards offered outside the university, you can find listings here. In addition to these general awards, our students have access to an increasing number of special awards. Please check back regularly to see new awards posted and contact KPU Student Awards & Finance to apply for these and other awards.

  1. Agnew Bursary  The Dr. Glenn Agnew's legacy supports students enrolled in either the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing, Bachelor of Science, Major in Health Science, Bachelor of Applied Science, Major in Sustainable Agriculture, or Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Major in Urban Ecosystems programs. Amount: 8 x $1,040.
  2. George E. Housser Endowed Memorial Award for Sustainable Agriculture  George Elliot Housser, M.A., Q.C., graduated first in his class with a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Master's Degree from 
    Cornell University. After being called to the Bar, George joined forces with several colleagues to form Bull, Housser, Tupper, Ray, Guy & Merritt (now known as Bull Housser), one of Canada's largest and most successful law firms. Although the primary focus of his practice was corporate and commercial law, he was a strong supporter of the local ethnic market garden community and assisted in the development and defense of a number of small farm related businesses. In memory of George Housser, his family is proud to present this award. Amount: $1,250.
  3. Lee Lockwood Award for Sustainable Agriculture — With citizens of planet Earth facing the perfect storm of major population increase, climate change and aquifer depletion, topped off by the challenges to current agricultural practices by peak oil, it is imperative that alternate and sustainable agricultural methods be developed for use close to populations who require same. This award is an assist to making a career in Sustainable Urban Agriculture in its various forms an attractive alternative to current industrialized agriculture.  Criteria: enrolled full-time in any year of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture program at KPU; CGPA of 2.50 or greater; demonstrated financial need; submission of a narrative on sustainable agriculture (maximum 5 pages). Amount: 2 x $1,000.  
  4. Nature's Path Award for Sustainable Agriculture  As grandparents, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, environmental activists, and Co-CEOs/Co-Founders of Nature's Path Foods, Inc., Arran and Ratana Stephens have always been committed to advancing the cause of people and the planet. Founded in 1985, their privately held, family-owned organic food company is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia and employs hundreds of valued team members at its four facilities in Canada and the United States. Dedicated to helping grow sustainable food systems, the Stephens are passionate supporters of organic agriculture and have purchased over 6,600 acres of organic farmland to-date. Amount: $1,000.
  5. Plant a Seed and See What Grows Foundation Bursary  One of the most rewarding experiences for a child is to discover the wonder of growing; gently planting a seed, eagerly waiting for it to sprout, and then excitedly seeing the seedling burst up through the dirt. All their senses are captivated. It stirs within them a sense of pride, accomplishment and can inspire them for a lifetime. Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation's vision is to help create a 
    healthier generation through experiences that connect children to the land and provide opportunities to improve communities. We are pleased to support a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture program at KPU, in their educational journey in becoming good stewards of planet earth and who will provide inspiration to younger generations. Amount: $1,000.
  6. Port Royal Community Garden Society Award  The membership of the Port Royal Community Garden Society is keen to assist in contributing to the success and advancement of an individual devoted to the endeavour of growing food crops on a sustainable level, combined with an overall focus on safe, responsible and economical production. The Society encourages and provides assistance to an enthusiastic student dedicated to these goals, who resides in the City of New Westminster, BC, and is enrolled in the Production Horticulture, Sustainable Agriculture or Diploma in Horticulture Technology, Sustainable Production Horticulture Specialization program at KPU. Amount: $1,000.
  7. Richmond Garden Club Award — The Richmond Garden Club is pleased to offer an award to a student registered in the Richmond Farm School program. Criteria: preference given to a resident of Richmond; financial need.  Applications will be accepted by the Horticulture Department. Amount: $500. 
  8. Western Potash Award for Sustainable Agriculture  Western Potash Corp. is a development stage potash company focused on building a solution mine on the Milestone Project located in southern Saskatchewan. The company intends to develop this world-class Milestone potash deposit in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient and socially responsible manner. This award is for a student who demonstrates a well-rounded attitude toward his/her life development, including academic achievements, active in the community and a participant in organized sports. Amount: $1,000.