Collaborate With Us


The team at KPU's Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems is always interested in collaborating with individuals, companies, community organizations and governmental bodies. We have experienced faculty and staff who can work with you to develop research projects and programming as well as many enthusiastic students who want to help you make it happen. Our students are also looking for work or internship opportunities to help them learn and connect with their local community and industry.


If you have an opportunity or an idea, please submit details in one of the following categories:

Student Opportunity - includes employment, internship and volunteer positions appropriate for students in our Sustainable Agriculture or Farm School programs.

Project Partnership - includes any research or program development opportunities.

KPU Farm Events - includes learning garden workshops, farm tours, and other requests.

If you have questions about the partnership request process, please submit your details to the most appropriate category and we will work with you to identify how we can help.