KPU Farm

The KPU Farm is a living laboratory for students learning about regenerative organic agriculture.

KPU Farm

The KPU Farm is on the Garden City Lands, a 55 hectare (136 acre) park in the Agricultural Land Reserve, just 250 meters east of KPU's Richmond campus. KPU's Department of Sustainable Agriculture farms eight hectares (20 acres) of the site. The farm highlights diversified, sustainable, regenerative, and organic production practices adjacent to the population centre of downtown Richmond. Students study and practice at the farm while working toward their Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture.

Interesting aspects of the farm include:

Organic produce from the farm is sold at the a Kwantlen Street Farmers Market and through KPU's campus cafeterias. Food is also donated to the Richmond Food Bank.

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Sustainable Agriculture students get most of their practical experience on the KPU Farm, but may also engage with other farms operated by KPU.