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Physics for Modern Technology

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New Type of Physics Degree in Canada

The B.Sc. Major in Physics for Modern Technology will give students a solid background in physics and also in the applications of physics to modern technology. Physics is a major driving force behind the development of new technology, and in turn, new technologies allow scientists to push forward the boundaries of knowledge. The relationship is symbiotic, so this program is aimed at those who have an interest both in fundamental science and in the practical application of that science in an industrial and/or laboratory setting. As well as studying physics, students will gain technical skills that are highly relevant to work that is going on in local industry.

Program Content

In order for graduates to successfully find employment upon graduation, the program content has been designed with the needs of local industry in mind, and will include a work placement. Program content will include topics such as:

  • Quantum Physics,
  • Thermal Physics,
  • Optics & Optoelectronics,
  • Electricity & Magnetism,
  • Electronics,
  • Computer Programming,
  • Business,
  • Industrial Process Control,
  • Signal & Image Processing.

Special topics, such as Green Energy Technology and Geographical Information Systems, are also planned.

Graduates of the program can expect to pursue careers in areas such as electronics, green energy technology, telecommunications, industrial process control, technical sales, and teaching, among others.

Admission Requirements

Admission into Year 1: "Physics for Modern Technology – Foundation Year"
A student applying for Year 1, the Foundation Year, need only meet the general university admission requirements. Students who arrive at university missing prerequisites have opportunities for upgrade during the Foundation Year.

Admission into Year 2: B.Sc. Major in Physics for Modern Technology
In order to be admitted, an applicant must have completed 30 university level credits including:
PHYS 1120 or PHYS 1101
PHYS 1220 or PHYS 1102
MATH 1120 or MATH 1130
MATH 1230 or MATH 1220, and
ENGL 1100
A grade no less than C in each course applied towards this 30 credit count will be


From other KPU programs

  • Certificate of Engineering - if you have completed the Certificate of Engineering program, you will be given advanced standing for CHEM 1110, 1210, ENGL 1100, MATH 1120, 1220, 2721, PHYS 1120, 1600, 1220, and nine breadth credits and can apply for entry directly into Year 2.
  • Other Science Majors – If you have completed PHYS 1120 (or 1101), PHYS 1220 (or 1102), MATH 1120 (or 1130) and MATH 1220 (or 1230), you can apply for entry directly into Year 2 (see above). You will have to make up any specific courses not already taken including PHYS 1600 which must be taken in the Fall semester of Year 2.

From other Institutions

We welcome transfer applications from students studying science at other universities and colleges and the transfer is particularly smooth if it occurs prior to the start of Year 2. Equivalent courses taken elsewhere will be granted credit at KPU. Please consult the BC Transfer Guide or the Physics Department will be pleased to assist you.


For news and updates (especially if you are a prospective student), keep an eye on this webpage, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Twitter: @KwantlenModTech

Facebook: KpuPhysicsForModernTechnology

Official Program Proposal (Approved)

Program Description (KPU Calendar)