Physics for Modern Technology

Bachelor of Science in Physics for Modern Technology

Are you interested in physics and technology? Would you like to work in the tech sector after you graduate?

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said “the only constant in life is change”.  This is especially true when we look at how technology is changing our world.  Our BSc program will prepare you to engage with both current and emerging technologies.  Over the course of four years, you will gain a solid background in fundamental physics and develop the hands-on, applied skills necessary for success in today’s high tech industries.

Why study Physics?

Physics is a major driving force behind the development of new technologies, and in turn, new technologies allow scientists to push forward the boundaries of knowledge.  Our program is designed with this in mind.  It’s a program for those who have an interest both in fundamental science and in the practical application of that science in an industrial and/or laboratory setting.

Who studies Physics for Modern Technology?

Individuals who are curious about the science behind the forces and physical processes that drive our world. People who are interested in problem solving and learning how to think outside of the box.

Successful students tend to be self-motivated and focused.  They are ready to deepen their understanding of physics and to develop the practical skills associated with the instrumentation and techniques related to modern technology.

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Program Details

The BSc in Physics for Modern Technology degree gives students foundational knowledge in topics such as Quantum Physics, Thermal Physics, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism.  Students also obtain applied skills through labs exploring areas such as Electronics, Computer Programming, Industrial Process Control, and Signal & Image Processing.

Students gain hands-on research experience by designing and carrying-out extended 3rd and 4th year research projects. To help with preparation for the workplace, students also complete two business courses and a paid work term.

Bachelor of Science in Physics for Modern Technology

Career Outcomes

According to the latest BC Labour Market Outlook, a key area of growth for employment in the next 10 years will be in the professional, scientific, and technical services.  Our BSc program’s content has been designed with the needs of local industry in mind and we consult with local tech companies to ensure the program remains relevant.

Graduates of the program have careers in, for example, the design and manufacture of scientific cameras, 3D structural engineering analysis and design software, and cyclotrons (used for the production of medical isotopes).

If you have questions about our BSc Physics For Modern Technology program, please contact:

Fergal Callaghan, PhD


Department of Physics