Ways to call for Help

"Direct Service Lines to Security and First Aid" public courtesy phones are located across campuses. There are three types that are identified below.

**Note** These are for KPU services purposes only (First aid or Security issues)

If there is a immediate threat to Life or Property, Dial 911 FIRST!

Please do not use for:
  • Access to rooms
  • Lost and Found
  • Parking ticket issues
  • Personal
  • Questions about security or inquiries
Parking is contracted out to Impark. All issues, tickets or questions about parking must be directed to Impark customer service line. Click here for questions and inquiries for parking https://kpu.ca/parking-transit



Press the red security button to contact

Security and First Aid.

Call Boxes


Press the Red button to contact

Security and First Aid

Red Pickup Phones


Pick up the red phone and it will immediately connect you



Press the button next to the speaker and it will connect you

If it is a emergency Dial 911 First, Then contact Security.

Security Logo
Surrey Campus: 778.578.6312

Richmond Campus: 604-244-0130

Cloverdale campus: 604.574.2840

Langley Campus: 604-514-0297

Security Must be contacted in all cases of emergency

State name, telephone number, location (including building and room number) and type of emergency