Security Services

Lost and Found

Reuniting You With Your Lost Items

All found property received by campus Security Services, if unclaimed shall be retained for a thirty day period. Where possible, found property shall be returned to the rightfull owner. Unclaimed property shall be disposed of in accordance with procedures outlined in this policy.

Found property may be viewed at the Campus Security Offices between the times of:

Monday through Friday | 11:00am–6:00pm
Saturday | 11:00am–1:00pm

Disposed of Found Property

Identifiable University property shall be returned to the appropriate departments as soon as possible and said noted in the Lost and Found ledger. Found property may be returned only when the claimant has Identified themselves and the article to the satisfaction of the Office staff person assigned to the Lost and Found. If the rightful property owner is not located with in 30 day retention period, the property is disposed of.

Exceptions for Specific Found Items

  • Perishable articles (Clothes, drink containers and food containers) will be disposed after 24 hours.
  • Credit cards and bank cards are destroyed after 24 hours
  • Kwanten I.D.'s are immediately returned to the library
  • I.D.'s, passports and other government issued papers are kept for the 30 days then returned to the appropriate Government institutions.
  • Articles that contain electronic information will be destroyed

Safe Walk Program

Safe Walk is a Campus Security program. This will provide escorted walks on all KPU campuses. By contacting security you will be accompanied on you walk to and from your car. If security is not available use the principle "safety in numbers" or buddy system.

If there is a immediate threat to Life or Property,

Dial 911 FIRST!

Contact Security

KPU Civic Plaza 604-580-9156
KPU Tech (Cloverdale) 604-574-2840
KPU Langley 604-514-0297
KPU Richmond 604-244-0130
KPU Surrey 604-818-7497