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E-Sports Title


The term E-Sports refers to Electronic Sports and is also known as competitive video gaming or professional gaming. E-Sports is considered a legitimate sport and is a fast growing international phenomenon. Organized E-Sports can contribute to strong social connections among students. Passionate ‘gamers’ have the opportunity to meet each other, build teams, work on communication, as well as strengthen social connections.

Summer Slam


May 27 - 28
Rocket League
June 17 - 18
Fifa 21
July 8 - 9
Fortnite Duo's Rocket League Fifta

Team up with a friend (must be attending KPU and registered for the Tournament) and complete 3 games per round. Points are earned through placement and eliminations.

Players will play in a double elimination tournament. This event is scheduled to take place on June 17-18th. Depending on the amount of participants, this event may only last one day.
Students will compete in a double elimination bracket to crown the victor of the Spring FIFA 21 tournament. Players will play best of 3 matches against their opponent.


Prizes for 1st and 2nd place in each Tournament. 

1st Place = $30 Gift Certificate to Best Buy

2nd Place = $20 Gift Certificate to Best Buy

*each player within the 1st and 2nd place Fortnite Duo will receive a gift card.