Behaviour Intervention Team FAQs

What are some examples of behaviours of concern?

A sudden and drastic change in behaviour, disassociating from reality, concerns of self-harm. In general, behaviours that indicate the student is likely to get worse without any intervention are considered concerning behaviours.

What does student in distress versus a student in crisis look like?

Both experiences of distress and crisis are difficult for students.

In general, students in crisis may exhibit the following behaviours:

  • Homicidal threats or attempts
  • Suicidal statements or attempts
  • Extreme emotions (uncontrolled rage, anxiety to the point of panic attacks)
  • Inability to communicate (garbled speech, making no sense)
  • Loss of contact with reality (seeing/ hearing things that aren't there, bizarre troubling beliefs)
  • Experiencing trauma (experiencing injury, sexual violence)

In general, students in distress may exhibit the following behaviours:

  • Sudden changes from regular behaviour patterns (sociability, talkativeness, eating, sleeping, partying, emotionality, capacity for work, substance abuse)
  • Difficulty concentrating or "following" a conversation
  • Sudden changes in academic / work performance
  • Uncharacteristic changes in attendance / missing classes / isolating themselves
  • Repeated requests for special consideration
  • Exaggerated emotional responses to events
  • Expressions of intense emotions (rage, anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness)
  • Reference to suicide or self-harm
  • Deterioration of appearance or personal hygiene, weight change
  • Self-disclosure of distress or upsetting events (family problems, death of a loved one, end of a relationship)
  • Concern expressed by close others

Who do I call first?

  1. Call 9-1-1 for life and limb emergency or immediate threat to life or property
  2. Call campus Security for in-the-moment conduct violation

    Surrey Campus 778-578-6312
    Richmond Campus 604-244-0130
    Tech 604-574-2840
    Langley Campus: 604-514-0297
    Civic Plaza 604-580-9156

    Security must be contacted in all cases of emergency. State name, telephone number, location (including building and room number) and type of emergency.

  1. For faculty, contact the Dean's office to report the incident
  2. Contact the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office at 604-599-2218 or 604-599-2960 for concerns related to student conduct (non-academic).