Sexual Violence & Misconduct

Support is available at the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office for campus community members including students, staff and faculty who are impacted by sexual violence. You can receive support regardless of when or where the incident took place.

We work from a survivor centered and trauma informed approach that empowers survivors to choose what their support needs are.

Students wishing to file a Complaint about an incident of Sexual Violence and Misconduct should seek advice about the appropriate policy through the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office

This policy and its related procedures support the University’s commitment to establishing a safe and respectful learning and working environment for members of the University community. In 2016 the Government of BC introduced the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act S.B.C. c.23 (the Act). The Act requires BC post-secondary institutions to establish, implement, and make publicly available a policy, with associated procedures, that addresses sexual misconduct, its prevention, and responses to sexual misconduct. This policy has been designed in compliance with the Act.