VIA University College Transfer Credit

Partner Course (Credit Value) Kwantlen Equivalent (credit value)
Children and Families in the Aftermath Disasters (15) SOCI 2xxx (3)
Conflicts and Social Work (15) SOCI 2xxx (3)
Consumer Behavior (5) MRKT 1299 (3)
Danish Language and Culture (5) LANC 11XX (3)
Digital Sales (10) MRKT 2XXX (3)
Entrepreneurship Challenge (10) BUSI 2XXX (3)
Summer School: Fashion Shoot, Nordic Noir (5 ECTS) FASH 2XXX (2.5)
Summer School: Photography Summer School (5ECTS) FINA 11XX (3)
Sustainable Business Design and Entrepreneurship (5) BUSI 2XXX (3)
Transmedia branding and Concept development (5) MRKT 2XXX (3)

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