Volunteer Opportunities on Campus

Looking for volunteer opportunities on campus? Below is a list of opportunities students can participate in throughout the calendar year. To look for volunteer opportunities/organization both within the KPU community and externally that are currently recruiting, please visit Career Connection and  KPU My Volunteer Page



Applications for the O-Team: Apply now!

Volunteer for KPU's O TeamOur student leadership team is a central part of the success of orientation. Participating in this team is a great opportunity to make a difference in the life of KPU and to build your leadership and teamwork skills (and your resume). Be a part of welcoming new KPU students and making a difference. Every student that participates will receive training, a letter of recognition, and a team shirt. For more information or to apply, check out the O-Team page or contact the Orientation & Transitions team at orientation@kpu.ca.

Applications for KPU Welcomes U: Apply now!

Volunteer for KPU Welcomes UThe first few days of school can be exciting and stressful, especially for new students. Want to help our fellow students feel welcome, comfortable and well-supported in their new learning environment? Join the KPU Welcomes U Team! As campus hosts, you will stationed at a campus kiosk on May 2 to 6 to welcome students to campus and answer their questions. You will be provided with everything you need: brochures, FAQs, campus maps, and a KPU Welcomes U t-shirt. Help turn students’ first days into great days. Please consider being a part of this fun start to the fall semester and sign up for more information.

Volunteer Expo 

Check out Volunteer ExpoVolunteer Expo is an opportunity for you to shop around ON CAMPUS for a volunteer job that matches your needs! Meet representatives from organizations in your community to ask questions and find out more. Come shop around for an opportunity, ask questions, or help out with the event! More information at kpu.ca/volunteer-expo


Career Day

 KPU Career Days are a free career and employment fair for all KPU students, alumni, and faculty. It is an excellent opportunity to make valuable industry contacts, gather information, hear about job leads, and practice promoting yourself. Volunteer to assist in marketing the event, classroom visits, or helping on the day of the events. For more information, please visit the Career Day website or contact Career Services


Mock Interviews 

Each year considerable time and effort is put into preparing secondary students for their grade ten or twelve mock interviews. As being on the other side of the table, volunteers get to interview students listening to their presentations and offering feedback. With KPU volunteers we are able to provide valuable experience such as how to conduct and interview, effectively communicate and listen, review students resumes, and more. Post-secondary volunteers are extremely important for secondary students as this could be their very first interview or transition after grade twelve. Sign up and check to see what opportunities are waiting for you on myvolunteerpage.kpu 

KPU Student Association (KSA) - contact kusa.ca for more information

Student Government (KSA)

Volunteer for the KSAInterested in getting involved with student government, either as an elected representative or volunteer? The KPU Student Association is a democratic, student-run organization. Our council and the campus councils on each campus are elected in general elections held every year in February or March. By-elections may be held throughout the year when a position becomes vacant. In addition, major decisions about the KSA are made through referendum, including all decisions to set students fees. For more information, please visit the KSA website.

KSA's Students Taking an Active Role Together (START) Program

What can you do at START?  Tons! Create events, work jointly with our staff / elected officials, talk to students, marketing, and much more!  START gives students independence and allows them to do what they want to improve their University experience. More information here!

Club Leadership

Consider combining your academic, social, and career goals by helping to lead a student/faculty club. Gain valuable experience & contacts. Make your classroom learning more relevant. Interested in starting your own club? Check out kusa.ca/clubs for more.

Open House Event Team

A full day of interactive display, campus tours, live performances, and much more! Engage with your university, and help prospective students see why they should choose KPU! RECRUITING BEGINS IN JANUARY OF EACH YEAR. Please visit the Future Students Office website or contact openhouse@kpu.ca

KPU International 

KPU International is here to make your transition into KPU easier. Sign up to be a volunteer at various events such as Holi Festival, Canada Day, FlyOver Canada, Movie Night, Victoria Trip, Playland, Picnic at Queen Elizabeth, Global Buddy, International Focus Week, and more! Domestic and International students are welcomed to be a volunteer for any volunteer event. By helping with events you get to meet new people, make friends, new memories, and best of all help your community through volunteering. To view volunteer events visit myvolunteerpage.kpu and visit their website

Serve on KPU Committees

Interested in some of the more formal processes and how institutions work? Apply to be considered as a student member on a KPU committee. For more information, please contact kpustudents@kpu.ca