Differences between High School and Post-Secondary


                                          TRANSITION FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO UNIVERSITY


High School


Identify Disability

School identifies students with disabilities.


Students with disabilities identify themselves to SSD

Accommodation Decisions

Parent/Guardians/Teachers are responsible for decisions about accommodations.

SSD in consultation with students are solely responsible for decisions about accommodations which are based on documentation.

Information for Instructors

The school is responsible for informing teachers of accommodation needs.

Students are responsible for communicating directly with instructors regarding SSD approved accommodation.


Learning Support

Learning resources support is the responsibility of school administrators and teachers. (ie. learning resource teacher, IEP’s)


Accessing learning resource support is the responsibility of the students. (ie. learning centre, tutoring, study skills, Learning Specialist)

Advocacy for Students

Parents or school officials are the primary advocate for the student.


Students are responsible for their own advocacy.


The School Act.

Human Rights Code.
Protection of Privacy
University Act.