Reader Assistant for Exams

Readers are used to assist in providing printed material in audio format to visually impaired and/or print impaired students. This service is used as an exam accommodation when a required text, journal, or summary must be communicated orally.

Reader Instructions

  • Readers must read all exam materials verbatim (or word-for-word).
  • Readers are not permitted to rephrase, clarify, or make substitutions for any portion of the exam. All questions of clarification should be directed to the instructor.
  • Readers use correct punctuation while reading exam materials and pause appropriately for commas, semi-colons, or at the end of a sentence.
  • Readers should spell words that they are not able to pronounce.
  • Readers articulate words slowly and clearly, repeating or rereading (verbatim) any portion of exam questions that the student may request to have repeated.
  • On occasions when there may be a disagreement between readers and students regarding the reader’s responsibilities, the Disability Advisor should be immediately contacted.