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The History Department at KPU aims to provide you with a broad-based understanding of how the peoples and societies of our world today have changed over time and geographic space. In all of our history programs, you will study how peoples, cultures, economic, and political systems have together shaped the world in which we live and the debates which continue to dominate our contemporary discourse. 

The study of the past is an essential part of your education, as you will learn to think critically and creatively, to evaluate sources, and to apply your knowledge to produce an informed and articulate analysis of contemporary global issues.

The skills learned in the History department at KPU will prepare you for a wide variety of careers in, but not limited to, business, law, education, military, social work, and many other areas. We can also provide you with the digital skills that are vital to success in the 21st Century, including the ability to make cool stuff like this!


Important Program Change Information: Effective September 2021 students entering the History BA (Major or Minor) will require 15 credits at the lower level, rather than the current 12

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