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History at KPU

History at KPU

Welcome History Students!

Do you understand why certain parts of the world are always in the news?

Do you wonder why people follow leaders whose policies don't seem to make sense?

Do you feel like you have only part of a bigger picture?

If you answered "yes" then the History Program is for you!!

In the History program you will study the peoples, cultures, economic, and political systems that have, cumulatively, shaped the world in which we live today. 

You will also study the way in which the history of the past has been written and rewritten.

Our program will allow you to choose your focus: are you interested in social and cultural history? environmental history? microhistory (the intensive study of a small locale, theme, or group)? Our thematic courses will introduce you to all of these areas and more.
Students learn about oracle bone divination
Students in Dr Kyle Jackson's World
Civilizations class get a hands-on
lesson in oracle bone divination
Even if you don't major in History, the study of the past is an essential part of your education. As you discover History you will learn to think critically and creatively, to evaluate competing viewpoints, and to apply your knowledge of the past to produce an informed and articulate analysis of contemporary global issues. These are the skills demanded by 21st-Century employers.
Did You Know: The Higher Education Statistical Agency places History in the top five disciplines in terms of successful employability within six months of graduation!
The versatility of the History program will provide you with valuable skills including the ability to think critically, to carry out research, to write clearly in a variety of forms, and to link what you learn in class to the needs of our communities and our world
Your abilities will prepare you for a career in business, law, policing, education, museums and archives, military, professional writing, social work, and many other areas. 
A chart showing current course offerings and program requirements for the KPU BA History Major
The KPU History BA allows you to customize your B.A. with a focus on either Asian or Military History. Click here for more information on these streams. You will also take an upper-level capstone course on the applications of history that will prepare you for leadership roles in your community and equip you with skills applicable to a broad range of fields, or to graduate studies.

The Essential Guide for History Students: History Student Handbook Sep15.pdf

KPU Library History Guide:



Effective September 2015 students completing a BA Major in History will require the following to satisfy the upper level program requirement:

HIST 4400 (3): Applications of History AND 27 credits of HIST courses at the 3000 or 4000 level, including at least 6 credits of HIST, in addition to HIST 4400, at the 4000 level. 

Students completing a Minor in History will require: 

15 credits of HIST courses at the 3000 or 4000 level, including at least 6 credits of HIST at the 4000 level. 


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Comments on the BA History Major (from our external evaluation team)

"… we found this to be a model of public education at the tertiary level, with dedicated teachers and administrators, a careful process of planning, consultation, and review, and bright and engaged students who clearly felt that KUC and the History Department have been serving their education needs…"

"The expert review panel was impressed by the logical development and academic rigor of the proposed degree…and the extensive consultation the institution undertook and incorporated in the development of the proposal."

"We find this program meets or exceeds the standards of history majors in BC and, to our experience, in major universities world-wide."